Time Game -  Hard Cover

Time Game

Hard Cover

Amazon bestselling author Gary J. Rose first introduced FBI Special Agent Jeannie Loomis in Ark of the Covenant –Raid of the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion. In Time Game, his fifth Loomis novel, Special Agent Loomis and her team are investigating the death of three guards killed in an armored car robbery containing $25 million dollars bound for an Indian casino hosting a poker championship. Jeannie, however, has been requested by the Marin County Sheriff’s Department to assume the role of task force manager in pursuit of a vicious serial killer who preys on women using his charm and seduction. As Jeannie attempts to bring the serial killer to justice, not only does the body count rise but Joey, the former leader of the assassin group (Sons and Daughters of Liberty) who carried out verdicts for the clandestine Star Chamber Court resurfaces. The mastermind that lead to the killing of her fiancé hints at a massive attack against those that he feels are undermining the culture of American society. The Time Game has started.

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