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Hello and welcome to Gary J Rose - Author webpage. For fifteen years I was employed as a police sergeant with the Milpitas Police Department in California. During my time as a law enforcement officer, I was fortunate to be selected as one of the first hostage negotiators in the state. Trained by Dr. Harvey Schlossberg (retire NYPD), I became fascinated with the field of psychology, yet did not see myself as a therapist. Retirement forced a career change to the field of education. For twenty-five years, I had the opportunity to teach at-risk incarcerated students in a juvenile detention facility as well as our county jails. From this experience I was motivated to complete my doctorate in psychology and created my first book, Towards the Integration of Police Psychology Techniques Combined with the Socio-ecological Psychology Model to Combat Juvenile Delinquency in our K-12 Classrooms. While teaching my at-risk students, I challenged them to write weekly in their journals, promising that I would get their words published in hopes of helping other youth turn their lives around. This novel, Hitting Rock Bottom, became a best seller on Amazon. I then began writing fictional books starting with Ark of the Covenant where I introduced FBI Special Agent Jeannie Loomis,a flawed but dedicated law enforcement officer who believes that sometimes the ends justify the means. The series current stands at seven novels in the series, with number eight, Black Heart/Black Cell due for release in August 2022. Like all authors, I love reviews and deeply appreciate them. If you wish to get in touch, please reach out through my contact form below, and thanks for reading.

My Story

The psychology techniques I used both on the street and in hostage situations better prepared me for the task of dealing with dysfunctional incarcerated and non-incarcerated students entering our 21st-century classrooms. After receiving a mandate from my supervisor, I left teaching at juvenile hall and was instrumental in forming Placer County's first military-boot camp-style school which was based on order, structure, and when necessary, discipline, to help our students prepare to return to their traditional schools. My second non-fiction book titled Hitting Rock Bottom, made Amazon's best sellers list (ebook) for 10 weeks. This is a novel where my former at-risk students (cadets) tell their stories and how the military-style bootcamp academy turned their lives around. The academy had a 94% success rate until it was terminated. 

It was at that time that I created FBI Agent Jeannie Loomis. To date there are seven novels in the series with number eight, Black Heart/Black Cell due for release in August 2022.

Fiction Work

I began writing fictional books starting with Ark of the Covenant where I introduced FBI Special Agent Jeannie Loomis. She is a flawed but dedicated law enforcement agent who believes that sometimes, the ends justify the means. Little did I know at the time, but Jeannie would be featured in the next seven Loomis thriller novels with the latest, The Fourth Reich, released in October 2021. My writing styles have been compared to John Sandford and Lee Child which is an honor. 

Coming soon is my next Loomis novel, Black Heart/Black Cell followed by Phantom Train and Roller Coaster. Be looking for their release dates in further postings. Thank you in advance for your great reviews, the life blood of writers.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great blend of history, drama, and romance

Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2022

Verified Purchase

This was my first reading of a book within the series of novels featuring FBI agent Jeannie Loomis. At the start, there was a relatively brief but detailed outline concerning the science of cloning and the historical connection to Nazi Germany. This helped with setting the stage for the main plot. Once the story begins, it moves quickly. The good people and bad people are obvious. No guess work involved. But the development of the plot kept me turning pages. There are some typical buddy-cop interactions and of course ruthless Nazis-type activity. Yet, there is also a touch of romance spiced with humor. The ending brought sufficient resolution to the story while leaving me wondering how the unresolved subplots will be addressed in the next book. I will read the next book!

Patrick Deaville
Jul 13, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars
Delightful Thriller

Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2020

I'm a sucker for thrillers and FBI crime stories, and this one hit the nail on the head. I loved the plot which you can relate to, especially if you clearly remember the events on 9-11. The setting is fabulous, because how can you possibly go wrong with San Francisco for a thriller? You can't. And Jeannie, well I just loved Jeannie. She's a smart, strong female FBI agent which reminded me a lot of Clarice from Silence of The Lambs, who I also adore. Probably one of the better thrillers I've read this year, and I thought the political/religious language added some sustenance to the story.

A. Roberts
Jul 13, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Adventure! Excitment! An engaging book

Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2021

This is the definition of a rip-roaring adventure. It has thrills and some chills in a story that follows many of the action beats that fans of Indiana Jones or The Mummy franchises are familiar with. Very well researched. and it documents some of the true known history surrounding the ark as the story unfolds.

A definite recommendation for fans of this genre!

Mel Dashing
Jul 13, 2022


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