The Fourth Reich

The Fourth Reich

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On an uncharted island off the coast of Argentina, Dr. Wolfgang Hausser, a relative of the infamous Auschwitz doctor Joseph Mengele, has continued experiments in eugenics, with a desire to create the Fourth Reich. But Hausser’s decades-long experiments do not stop there.

After securing the remains of Adolf Hitler from the Russian secret police, he plans on using the Fuhrer’s DNA and clone the Nazi party leader and introduce him to the 21st century.

Jeannie Loomis and her team are requested by Interpol agent Sean Delaney, whose agency is frustrated in their investigation of kidnapped females, similar in appearance, from both western Europe and the United States. It is later determined that these unfortunate females are being used as surrogate mothers.

What progress has Dr. Hausser made in his pursuit of resurrecting Hitler and how will Jeannie and her team prevent him from doing so?

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