House of Special Purpose: A Jeannie Loomis Novel - Kindle

House of Special Purpose: A Jeannie Loomis Novel


House of Special Purpose, was the Bolshevik code name for the Ipatiev House, used as a place of confinement for the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family, after his forced abdication of the throne. After spending seventy-eight days in the house, during the early morning hours of April 17th, 1918, the royal family is escorted to a basement room where they were assassinated. The killing squad was shocked and horrified when the bullets from their weapons bounced off the czar’s children. Unbeknownst to them, the royal jewels of the Romanoff dynasty had been sewn into their undergarments. Finding the jewelry, the secret police, Cheka, confiscated the property and place it in a vault, only to discover items missing during an audit in 1925. While Special agent Jeannie Loomis and her partner, Ismail Flores, attend Super Bowl LIV in Florida, Ricky Pinheiro, Jeannie’s love interest, attends a high-level briefing at the NSA where he is informed that the possible location of the missing Romanoff jewelry are in the hands of a Russia oligarch living in San Francisco. He is using the jewelry as collateral to fund left-wing anarchy. In Dallas, the FBI is closing in on a lone wolf jihadist desiring another 9-11 type attack on the United States. Before his capture, he flees to the underbelly of the Haight-Ashberry district in San Francisco and becomes the focus of Loomis and her team. As their search for the jihadist intensifies, the former sergeant-at-arms of the Sons and Daughter of Liberty (the execution arm of the secretive court called the Star Chamber) and his assassins, began killing off the remaining justices of the secret court as an act of revenge. They also orchestra the kidnapping of a wealthy family’s teenage girl, mimicking the exploits of the former Symbionese Liberation Army. It will take all of Loomis’s experience and skills to focus her team on the tasks at hand.

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