Star Chamber: A Jeannie Loomis Novel

Star Chamber: A Jeannie Loomis Novel

Soft Cover

The Star Chamber was a secret court in England in the 1600s used to try people too powerful to be brought before ordinary common law courts. The court met in secret or closed sessions without the accused being present. And without their knowledge.  Its jurisdiction included forgery, perjury, riots, libel, and conspiracy and any act against the state. It could impose fines, whipping, the pillory, prison sentences, and mutilation, but it could not impose the death penalty. Parliament abolished them in 1641.

The United States in the 21st century witnessed a rise of individuals who seemed immune from prosecution for their actions due to their elite status. The more powerful or politically connected they were, the less likely they would be tried for their actions.  The time had come for the Star Chamber to once again try those that felt they were above the law.  This time, the death penalty was on the table.

FBI agent Jeannie Loomis, still feeling the humiliation following the disastrous Ark of the Covenant investigation, and seeing her promotional opportunities slipping away, travels to Ethiopia in hopes of finding closure.  Attempting to find any evidence of the attempted theft of the Ark of the Covenant by Frank Silva and his team of Banshees, the Star Chamber is in session, trying individuals judged enemies to the United States.  As the body count rises, Loomis starts connecting the dots back to this secret tribunal, while dealing with personal problems.

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